Fuzamei blockchain and Shanbu Technology signed a new strategic cooperation agreement

On November 15, Hangzhou Fuzamei Technology Co., LTD. and Hangzhou Shanbu Technology Co., LTD. signed a strategic cooperation framework agreement in Hangzhou. Wu Sijin, CEO of 33FUZAMEI, and Lu Huadan, general manager of Shanbu Technology, signed the agreement.

The main goal of this strategic cooperation is to combine FUZAMEI blockchain technology into Shanbu software platform, to improve the security and reliability of Shanbu data processing in various business scenarios, and achieve common promotion.

Both sides are based on FUZAMEI’s advantages in blockchain technology, combined with Shanbu technology’s technological precipitation in instant messaging application technology, to create a credible two-way communication condition.

In the future, we will explore and implement multiple application scenarios of trusted authentication, jointly create safe, stable and efficient trusted authentication, and make a further step for the future development of trusted blockchain enabling industry.

Fuzamei was established in 2008 and has the core technology of matching transaction systems with low latency and high concurrency.

In 2013, it initiated the R&D and innovation of blockchain and smart contracts. In 2014, it applied for the first blockchain invention patent wallet retrieval function and was authorized in December 2017. In the past 5 years, Fuzamei has always attached importance to the self-development and innovation of technology. According to the patent search system of the China National Intellectual Property Administration, Fuzamei has applied for more than 600 invention patents for blockchain technology, and over 100 patents have been authorized. It ranks among the top 8 in the world with Alibaba and IBM, and ranks among the top 3 in the country with Ant Group and Tencent Technology.

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