How BaaS Works and What is FUZAMEI BaaS Platform Like?

Blockchain-as-a-Service (BaaS) is a new type of cloud service, in which blockchain nodes run. With BaaS service, companies simplify their operations and establish technology infrastructure without building their infrastructure. Besides, the BaaS platform provides a series of operational services, such as blockchain-based search query, transaction submission, and data analysis.

IBM’s BaaS and BaaS Platform on ANTCHAIN

According to the information posted on its official websites, IBM’s BaaS is developed based on the Hyperledger Fabric v1.0 and IBM PaaS cloud platform. Generally, it provides end-to-end blockchain platform solutions, builds a blockchain network with high usability quickly, provides security features of the blockchain platform, and is equipped with a complete self-service operation system to shield the complexity of IT.

IBM’s BaaS Platform Application Scenarios, Source:

As for the BaaS platform on ANTCHAIN, it is a self-developed blockchain technology platform with high performance and strong privacy protection functions. It is committed to creating a one-stop application development platform and services, helping customers and cooperative partners build blockchain applications quickly and easily under various of business scenarios, and boosting the development of the physical economy in the end.


What is FUZAMEI BaaS Platform?

FUZAMEI BaaS platform is a safe, stable, efficient, low-cost, pluggable BaaS platform.

With the help of FUZAMEI BaaS platform, developers can build a blockchain environment quickly, support dynamic deletion and adding of nodes, and real-time resource monitoring.

Additionally, it provides functions of online IDE, key management, password authentication, blockchain explorer, and other easy-to-use components. Besides, it protects the user’s data security and privacy through permissioned identity management, data encryption, and other forms.

Multiple Choices of Chain

BaaS platform supports multiple choices of chain to build according to different application situations, such as private chain, consortium chain, parachain, etc. To explain it, a private chain is suitable for the blockchain system developing within the companies because of data privacy. As for small and medium-sized enterprises, they take advantage of the consortium chain to build a blockchain network. In this case, alliance members can configure weights. The various configurations of the blockchain network are also visualized, which leads to efficiency to the companies.

Parachain stands for a parallel public chain and is an independent public chain that shares the Bityuan consensus network. In general, implementing parallel execution of transactions will improve the TPS. The advantages are as follows: low cost, rapid development, and is secure and stable, and it supports multi-language smart contract development on the chain.

How Parachain Works

Get Started with FUZAMEI BaaS Platform

Sign Up

Go to and click the “Sign up” tab in the upper right-hand corner of the screen.

Sign Up

Then click the “Console” tab as circled below.

Blockchain Deployment

A certain number of servers are usually supposed to prepare before deployment. In general, developers need to prepare servers of 4–15 nodes.

When all the preparation is ready, it’s time for developers to deploy the consortium chain. By clicking “Create consortium chain”, the developer can build a blockchain system according to its demands. And deployment is divided into cluster deployment and stand-alone deployment.

Formal Deployment

Blockchain Management

Developers can view the operation of each node after deployment of the consortium chain through the node management.

Nodes Management

Furthermore, developers can view the operation, running status, and block numbers of consortium chain deployment through node monitoring.

Node Monitoring

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